Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Harry Potter

So, yesterday my friend, Holly found me Harry Potter pages because I am addicted and she loves me, and wants to earn some brownies points for her Birthday present. I still don't know what to get her :S
Now I have a few more HP jokes so I  thought I would share some ...

How many Veelas does it take to light up a wand?
One ,but there would be hundreds cueing up to do it for her.

Knock knock ... Who's there ... You know ... You know who ... *flash of green light* Your dead.

Whats pink and fluffy?
A Pygmy puff.

Anyway I'm now off to watch Waterloo road and Ugly Betty :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Janice The Sheep

So, my friend Holly, who has blogspot, persuaded my to follow her account so I had to create one.
And we found our newly created love for Janice the Sheep. I <3 Janice.
<- Thats Janice